How To Run An Agency Campaign

See a non traditional way to grow a web agency through AdWords.

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How To Run A Successful Web Design Agency AdWords Campaign.
Many website designers think that they will get the best results for their campaign by running a “City Name Web Design” campaign. Unfortunately, in most cases, that will probably not work out. Running this type of campaign is significantly cost-prohibitive as it costs many dollars for a single click that might not even result in a lead.

When doing any Google AdWords campaign, you should target individuals ready to buy from you. When you are a web designer, the way to do this is to niche down.

Picking a niche is best; this is an example of a roofer niche. You will first want to get very familiar with the roofing industry. Next, you will want to know the ins and outs of the industry. Finally, you will want to look at successful roofing websites.

You will then start to brand yourself as an online roofing industry professional who knows how to market the roofing industry successfully. First, you will build a website based on the roofing industry. Your portfolio will only include roofing websites. Then you will want to start targeting all major and minor cities with keywords such as “web design Oklahoma City roofer.” You will want to make sure that you are using exact match keywords. You will also want to choose twenty-five cities to start. It will give you a lot of leverage as you will only be targeting roofers who are ready to buy a website now.

This strategy will not work if you choose one niche, as you will not get the traffic and clicks you need to make your sales goals. You need to pick at least ten niches to hit your sales goals.

When building your landing pages for each city, each page will also need to be unique. It will help improve your quality score and keep your cost down. Without a doubt, this is a lot of work and is not for the faint-hearted. But how badly do you want to succeed?

The Next Steps

You want to take the following steps in running a successful AdWords campaign. Let’s be straight here; not all niches that you pick will work out. Some will fail, while others wildly succeed. You will need to trim out the niches that are not working while focusing and spending a lot more time on those that start bringing you leads. You will need to focus on optimizing your campaigns. It will include things such as improving your quality score, testing different landing pages, and adding or deleting cities depending on if those cities are profitable or not.


With all things, research will be precious in making this work. You are not the only person or business following this campaign strategy. There is a lot of wealth of knowledge gained from researching your competitors. SEMrush is an excellent resource for this.

Sweet Success

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that you succeeded at something. If you follow this strategy, success will find you long enough if you stick with it. Are you looking for some AdWords help? Do you need a Stillwater web design agency? If there is anything we can help you with, please call us at (405)714-3397.

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