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PPC Services

Are you looking to do a PPC campaign? PPC campaigns can work for your business if you seek to get targeted traffic to your website quickly. They can also produce a quick ROI and test business ideas.

What is a PPC Campaign?

A pay-per-click campaign is for Google AdWords. However, you can also do a PPC campaign with Bing Ads, Facebook, and any social media platform. You are merely paying for clicks. It is a way to see faster results than spending the time and money to rank organic results. While SEO is great for some businesses, it can take time to rank on the first page. Also, unless spending money on a PPC campaign, you cannot guarantee how profitable the keywords you will rank for will be when ranked organically on the first page of Google.

Why work with a PPC Marketing Agency?

Most small businesses do what they do well. They do not need to take on a new skill and let's be honest, most small business owners do not have time to learn a new skill.

We take the time to learn your business and see how we can most effectively market it through PPC. Our Google certified experts will be able to help you make the most of your hard-earned dollars by putting them to work to lower your cost of conversations and, at the same time, increase your conversation rates.

What Makes Us Different From the Rest?
  • At Covertwebdesign, we will do a complete competitor analysis to determine how your competitors run their AdWord campaigns. We will then determine the strengths and weaknesses of these campaigns before setting up or analyzing your current AdWord campaign.
  • A comprehensive keyword analyst-In short, we will go looking for buyer words for you. We will weed out most of the broad-based keywords that are not profitable.
  • Create landing pages that will convert-If we think the landing pages on your website are falling short; we will not hesitate to create the stunning landing pages that we know will convert.
  • Split testing- If you are familiar with marketing with AdWords, you understand how vital split testing is. We eat and breathe split testing. If a landing page is already converting, we believe we can make it convert even better.
  • Ad Creation- We believe that your ads need to stand out. The ad's content plays a huge role as to if a conversation will take place or not. Please work with us to create high-converting ads.
  • Remarketing Campaigns-Reconnect with past visitors to your website through remarketing campaigns.
  • Detailed Reports-We track all of our campaigns using tracking codes. We can send you these reports at any time. We can easily pull up the numbers and show you your ROI. We are quick and flexible when it comes to this. We can update you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Are You Ready To Work With Us?

If you are, please feel free to give me a call at (405) 714-3397. We can start setting up and auditing your campaign as soon as today. We are a local Stillwater web design agency.

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