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Outside of the design, content can be some of the essential information on your website. First, it will determine if customers buy from you or not. It will determine how you are ranking in Google and other search engines. Finally, it will decide if other websites are willing to link to the content you are putting out.

It is essential to develop a content strategy when you are building your website. It will entail considering keywords that you want to rank for in Google. Yes, a single blog post can rank for long-tail non-competitive keywords. However, it would help if you also determine how frequently you will churn out your content.

In the perfect world, you want to be writing a blog post on a weekly or even daily basis. However, what is more, important than even that is the quality level of your content. Therefore, it is better to spend more time and churn out a very high-quality piece of content than to put out content just for putting out content's sake.

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