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How to run an effective AdWords campaign.

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How To Create An Effective AdWords Campaign.

When creating an AdWords campaign, the first thing you need to focus on is targeting keywords. You can do this by using Google’s keyword planner and resources such as SEMrush. You also want to find keywords that are going to produce leads.

Finding these keywords can be done through testing. Some keywords will produce leads, while others will not. However, the best way to do this is to go after particular keywords in your industry. While using broad-based keywords will often get you a lot of clicks, they will more than likely not result in many conversations.

For instance, if a person were going to buy a pair of men’s shoes and knew what they wanted, they would not type “men’s shoes” into Google. Instead, they would type “Nike men’s revolution 4 running shoe” into the Google search engine to find what they are searching for.

Finding effective keywords should be focused on finding precise solutions. For example, if you are running a plumbing business, you need to find keywords that relate to specific plumbing solutions instead of broader-based keywords around the general plumbing industry. The focus should not be clicks but conversations


Throughout this target process, you need to constantly update your landing pages, test different keywords, and add or delete negative keywords.

The problem with many AdWords campaigns is that 90% of the keywords fail to produce results, and just 10% of them are making money. Therefore, when you are starting an AdWords campaign, you need to test what keywords perform and what keywords are not performing. Unfortunately, to gain accurate results from testing, you often need to be running a campaign for two or three months.

Optimizing the Campaigns

The quality score of the campaign is pretty essential. Throughout this process, you will want to try to increase your quality score as much as possible. Campaigns with a quality score between 7 and 10 will cost much less than campaigns with a quality score between 4 and 6. Every campaign aims to get the quality score to a ten and keep it in that position throughout the campaign.


Once a campaign is up, you need to start tracking it to separate the sheep from the goats per se. In the long run, this will save you loads of money because as the campaign progresses, you will be able to see what keywords are making you money and what keywords are losing you money.

By the second or third month of the campaign, you should have a pretty good idea of the keywords making you money. At this point, you are going to want to start spending more on these keywords as you abandon the keywords that are not making you money.

Making Lots Of Money

The goal, of course, with every AdWords campaign, is to make a lot of money. Depending on your industry and your keywords, you can start making money as soon as the first day. However, in most cases, the real money will come a few months later after you have tweaked your campaign and found your most profitable keywords.

Google AdWords is not rocket science, and it should not be feared unless you have no disposable income.

The key to running a successful Google AdWords campaign is to do a lot of research before you even start. It will also be to take a close at your competitors and see how they are running their campaigns. SEMrush will help you research your competitors. Then set up similar websites and landing pages to what they have set up. The goal of a campaign should never be to copy what a competitor is doing. It should always be to improve upon it and make it better. However, you should never ignore your competitors or what they are doing, as you could be missing out on many gold nuggets if you do this.

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